About OneFineTag

OneFineTag is the creation of Matt Reiswig.

Matt doesn’t enjoy speaking out loud in the third person, but it feels more entertaining to do so in written form.

As you may know, being a designer for so many years can train your eye to the most unexpected details.  Well, Matt started noticing just how fantastic hang tags could be.  Now, Matt has been collecting beautiful hang tags for over 10 years and finally decided to share them with you.  You’d think he’d have thousands, but he’s a pretty picky design and style nerd, so he only has like a hundred or something like that.  He wants more.  Things like typography and stitching and grommets are cool to Matt.

This is the formal part where Matt tries to gain some semblance of credibility before you decide he’s a complete nut.  Matt is a veteran of design, branding, and marketing. With over 18 years experience, he has had the privilege of working with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to one-man start-ups. He has served in many roles including owner, partner, creative director, and designer in some of the most talented interactive teams in the country. Matt is currently dedicating his time to seeking a full-time position in Colorado and uses any additional energy to seek out new ventures and freelance.  You can see some of his work at be.net/eversmirk.

Matt lives with his wife Kristin and their five children in Tulsa, Oklahoma Colorado. Yes, five.  Children are awesome.